Tour Tee Limited Edition Pro Pack


Imagine the tuxedo of golf tees, then take a look at our Limited Edition Black Tees - Need we say anything more?

Our original Tour Tee design has been adapted to a standard cup size, making it perfect for those who prefer a more traditional tee. Not to forget that these beauties are a hot commodity and not here forever - so you better get in fast.

These pristine black tees weigh in with all those signature Tour Tee performance features. Small bumps on the top of the tee make for a low spin launch giving added distance and control and allowing you to hit your shots with greater precision and power.

Is there any better way to add 12+ yards to your game?

The best part? These tees are made with recycled plastics, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. Not to mention a virtually unbreakable design which oozes confidence.

Plus, they're USGA and R&A conforming, so you can use them during your competitive rounds. The patented design comes with bragging rights and the included Groove Cleaner and Divot Tool makes this pack a value MACHINE.

Make your game exclusive and stand out from the pack with our Black Limited Edition Pro Tees.


4 Tees | 4 x 3.15” PRO Tees