Caddytalk minimi Laser Rangefinder

$299.99 $399.99

The world’s smallest ultra-light rangefinder.

Much smaller, more beautiful, more stylish.
A new standard of golf rangefinders.
Laser rangefinder made by GOLFZON.

The world’s most convenient golf rangefinder.

Perfectly blocks hand shaking.
Press the rangefinder button to block shaking.

Innovative item right in your hand with E-slope function!

Embedded E-slope function reflects temperature, altitude, and humidity using CaddyTalk’s world patented M-Slope function. Provides a more accurate recommended distance than any other distance correction function.

HD (Horizon Detect) LASER SYSTEM

The state-of-the-art FPGA chipset has been introduced and upgraded to the world’s only horizontal laser system.
It is 100% accurate even if the target is in the viewfinder!

The World Top 3 Design award-winning CaddyTalk Minimi
utilizes never-before-seen unprecedented and refined design usability, curve, and thickness.
This is the best gift for golfers with great skills and a trendy sense of style.