At Greenfield Golf there are many instore services that are offered to elevate your game to the next level. 

- Golf Club Fitting - Our certified fitters use state of the art Foresight GC Quads technology to tailor clubs that fit your game and tap into your potential on the course. They will recommend your optimal set make-up, loft angle, lie angle, shaft type, shaft length, grip size and more. 

- Golf Club Regripping - Grips are an important part of the golf club after all it is where you hold onto the club. Gradually after time your grips can become hard and slick, causing your hands to slip. We offer a variety of grip choices that our certified club builders can change for you if this ever happens. 

- Golf Club Repairs and Adjustments - Done by our certified club technicians off site, repairs from a broken shaft replacement to lie/loft adjustments can be done and everything in between. 

- Custom Orders and Trade Ins - Once fit for a new set of clubs you can custom order with your preferred specifications. We also accept trade ins on your old set of clubs. Ask a store associate for the trade in value. 

- Simulator Rentals - Whether you are practicing or playing a round, booking the simulator is a breeze. Just give us a call for availability. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (905) 946 1730 or email us at